Q: How much does pool service cost?

A: Pool service requires an in person estimate to determine the price of service. Pricing is determined from the equipment, floral environment, and size of pool.

Q: Are chemicals included in service?

A: Standard pool chemicals are included in service with the exception of select algaecides which is only required with problematic pools. Although it is rarity that algaecides are needed, it would be discussed with the customer beforehand.

Q: Do you offer any other plans other than weekly maintenance such as every other week?

A: We only offer weekly services. This is due to the nature of pools and how fast the pools chemistry can change within a few days. Keeping the chemicals maintained weekly will insure a clear pool year long.

Q: What other service plans are offered besides Full Service and what is the difference?

A: We can customize the plan to fit the customer however the two plans that we offer are "Full Service" and "Chem Plus". Full Service includes a complete cleaning with vacuuming. Chem Plus includes brushing the walls, emptying the baskets, chemicals, and filter/equipment maintenance. Chem Plus will ensure crystal clear water and flawless equipment function however debris removal would not be included.

Q: Is vacuuming the pool included with service?

A: Vacuuming is included for Full Service. We do offer other plans the excluded vacuuming to cut cost on monthly maintenance but the pool will be vacuumed every week if the customer chooses our Full Service Plan.

Q: Is there a yearly contract for service?

A: There is no contracts. Payment is required prior to service and is asked every month. If you would like to suspend pool service just notify the company and no fees will occur.

Q: How do I pay for pool service?

A: We offer many forms of receiving payment including autopay, however the preferred method is online payment. An email will be sent each month and the customer can simply pay directly from the email.

Q: What separates Pool Pros of Central Florida from other companies?

A: Communication. It is important as a customer to be able to reach out and connect with a service company. Also, a customer wants to know exactly what is going on with their pool, what needs to be fixed, and when it has been shocked. Besides leaving a service card each visit with notes, we are also easily reached so you can have the comfort of knowing your pool is in good hands at all times.